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Is the new Windows 11 really installed?

Change of the color setting Windows 11?

Create registry entry, automatic login Windows 11, 10, ...!

The classic troubleshooting under Windows 11!

Adjust the size of the new Windows 11 screen / touch keyboard?

Set file type in Windows 11 for APPs and applications?

Battery saving settings for Windows 11 as a desktop shortcut!

Use Menu Bar in File Explorer on all Windows OS!

CPU load based sleep mode behavior on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7!

Open, Close Drive Ejecting over the Info area of ​​the taskbar!

If do nothing on the PC as soon as possible in standby mode under Windows 10, 8.1, 7!

You do not need a Windows magnifier to discover the errors in memory!

Understand and use freely selectable colors, frames and backgrounds!

Recognize folder path with identical names in the tabs?

Quad File Explorer Download Variants for Windows!

The File Explorer for Windows from XP to MS Windows 11 / 10!

Quick, how to! use the Screenshot Function in Desktop OK!

Desktop OK only as Unicode from version 4.63!

Automatic paste texts under Windows, why, wath for?

Here is a simple example when reading the process list in Task Manager!

Print - drives, directories, files in the console!

Direct access to the switch-off, standby, logout, hibernation!

An Altarnative Scann Software for free is WinScan2PDF!

Fonts printing with print and preview function!

Optionally as installed or portable Windows Clipboard Tool!

Short notes for the door, car, notes, parking, ...! 

Striking in neon color with date and time on Windows 11, 10, ... MS OS!

Search for a Super Duper MS File Explorer alternative for Windows 11, 10, ... etc?

Start drive optimization directly in IsMyHdOK!

The calendar for the Windows 11, 10, ... and MS Server Desktop! 

The alternative Screen Magnifier for Windows The One-Loupe!

The Stop Watch and Countdown Timer for Windows 11, 10, ... all MS OS!

Classic desktop clock for Microsoft 11, 10, ... Windows OS with various settings!

The category Test Tools for Windows on Software OK!

Increase energy efficiency on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 Desktop and Server OS!

Duplex with non-duplex scanners, improved sorting for print out!

Donation for you: Email in the millions is a scam!

Install Windows updates from the Windows catalog!

Deactivate sorting for new objects in File Explorer!

Use the directory tree in the Explorer address line!

Save individual columns plus file explorer views under Win 10, 8.1, ...!

File and Folder counter / number in an Explorer column!

Where can I find out the Edge Chromium version!?

Activate or deactivate the auto update in Desktop-OK for Windows OS!

I'm looking for a Sticky Note alternative for Windows 11 and 10!

Of multiple movies and videos the amount duration query in Windows 11, 10, ..!

Select Multiple Files or Folders in Windows Explorer, Windows 10!

Problems with Windows 10 Folder Protection and Defender!

Difference between turning off wifi and airplane mode?

Find settings for finger input on Windows 10/11!

Download Microsoft Works for Windows 11, 10, ...!

Where do I find and start the PowerShell in Windows 11 and 10?

Search query Windows 10/11 MS file explorer (simple example)?

How can I shut down the Windows 10?

Go directly to Defender settings via Windows 11 or 10 Desktop!

High battery consumption from Windows 10, improve battery life!

Change Windows print order for programs!

Share printers and add to sharing under Windows (11, 10, ...)!

Enable in Event Viewer Protocol for Print-Jobs on all Windows 11, 10, ...!

Directory Access Denied on Windows 10 / 11!

IIS Web Server on Windows 10 / 11!

Use ms-settings:sound command to set the sound for Windows 10/11!

Change the default Internet browser under Windows 10!

The screen goes off too fast and on the Windows 10/11 PC, why?

Explorer download folder view turn off grouping on Windows 10/11!

From Windows 10 Start, Run as Admin the two solutions!

Find Important System Properties in Windows 10!

External hard disk standby disable Windows 10/11  (USB, eSATA)?

Programs and functions / features as a desktop button!

Open the Indexing Options in Windows 10/11!

The update will be downloaded but no installation under Windows 10?

Run The Msi Afterburner also on Windows 10, 11!

Example 78 percent similarity in Find.Same.Images.OK!

Pointer Stick Neon Yellow Metallic on Windows Desktop!

Mark pictures correctly with the keyboard + mouse in File Explorer!

Fast testing / detection of hard drives and drives as well as path!

Hide when run: commands, favorite cmd-s in Run-Command - Windows 10, 11, 8.1, 7!

How to add to Explorer context menu (Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11)?

Activate Hyper-V vis PowerShell on MS Windows Desktop and Server?

Why the Admin Explorer in a Windows delete program?

Configure CPU count for Windows on restart!

Is my SSD too hot, what is the recommended temperature?

No support for Windows 7 and 8.1 with new processors!

How can I prevent winrar from opening the ZIP and CAB files?

How can I access the registry editor?

Activate offline files in Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ... and MS Server!

What is svchost.exe on Windows?

Open explorer in current command prompt directory?

Which programs access the Internet cmd.exe command!

List hidden files via the command prompt in Windows 11, 10, ...!

Find out the computer name via the command prompt or Powershell!

Repair bad sectors of hard drive with commands of the CMD on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Change date, time for files and folders via command prompt commands!

How can I start the program at a certain time CMD, with examples?

Run an Application with a Specific CPU Priority!

Safe from spying with Offline PC, MacOS, Windows, Linux?

Create sublines in Word even without text!

Paste the same text into multiple Excel cells at the same time!

Quickly insert smileys or emojis in MS Office Word, Excel!

Find, enable, disable, view Outlook Favorites Folder?

GetWindowText does not read the columns for each row in the list view, why?

Show The Window Desktop Clock seconds pointer, how to?

Can I edit and configure the Windows XP file Boot.ini myself?

Used by another computer, the printer problem?

Personal special character editor on Windows 11 and 10?

Can I save the directory list as a PDF document under MS Windows 10, ...!

Can I print all lists and folder contents from the Explorer view on Windows 11, 10, ...?

Are there any problems with this images comparison tool on Windows 10/11?

For Windows 11 display of the battery status as a tool tip in the taskbar!

Can I develop and test my own APPs on Windows 10?

How to enable Server Virtualization on Windows 10 / 11?

The correct size of the paging file in Windows 10/11?

How to activate on screen keyboard in Windows 10/11?

Turn off the touchscreen on Windows 11, 10 and 8.1, how to disable?

How To terminate Programs in Windows 11,10, .. (Unresponsive, Hanged or Frozen)?

Mouse Double-Click problem at Windows-10/11, how to resolve this?

How to connect a Bluetooth enabled device to Windows 10 computer?

Find short sticky notes tool for Windows 10/11 Desktop, how to?

Help Windows 10 does not have any libraries, what am I doing wrong?

Where is the Quick Launch for the Windows 10 Taskbar, how to enable?

How to show Program Name in Windows 10 Task-Bar (Title, Icons)?

How to login to windows 10 without live id (local account)?

Can I Download the Windows-10 and Install it!

Can I go into energy efficiency mode after downloading?

How to force the standby, I don't like hibernate on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 Tablet-PC?

Can Auto Hide Mouse Cursor Free always start minimized (to-tray)?

Is Malwarebytes good as an adware and malware cleaner?

Is a Raspberry Pi 3, 4, 5 worth it ... is it a cheap system!

Microsoft Surface Pro sound card defective, what can I do?

Printer connection with standard parallel port is missing on the PC, what can I do?

Facebook smileys, what kind of smileys can you use in facebook.de chat?

Can't every program take up the entire RAM space?

I can't delete temporary scans, why?

How can I exclude folders from the disk space analysis?

The Office picture extraction tool is in the wrong language, can i change?

Disable explorer auto expand in windows 8.1 / 10, how to ?

Windows Desktop shortcut for Excel, Outlook, Word 2013 / 365, how to!

Download designs, or themes for Windows 8.1, 10!

Change image of Windows 8.1 and 10 lock screen (select, delete)!

Windows 8.1 or 10 to Extend test period in or delay activation tool!

The Windows 8.1 Desktop Search!

How to change the desktop Icon size in Windows 8 / 10 to classic (8.1, XP)?

Create Windows 8 / 8.1 desktop shortcut for Program-Files and Program-Files(x86)!

How to see hidden files and folder and file name extensions in Windows 8.1 / 10 Explorer?

Where is my computer on windows 8.1/10  to manage files and folders (open, find, start)?

How to change the Windows 8 user password, remove or create?

Windows-8 Download?

Hide Amazon orders ... this is how it works in 2020!

Can you download Chrome for Windows 10!

How to Change on facebook.com my Primary Language to/from English?

How can i view *.ttc fonts in not Windows Font folder?

Help, can not change the language on Samsung mobile phone with Android!

Help I lost the Windows Performance Index Tool can i use it again W10?

Can I use the stopwatch as a teacher for classwork!

Use the virtual pointer on Windows 11 without any problems?

Can I reduce over 1000 photos at the same time with this tool?

HP Laserjet III, 4, 5, Plus, Driver x64, x32, Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, ...!

Which snow is the best for the Windows PC?

Would you please put file dates in your file descriptions?

Should I rather use short or equal long mouse trails on my Windows OS!

The copying process stops or hangs in Windows 11, 10, ...?

How do I open an ISO file on a Windows (10, 8.1) computer?

USB Net Gross Data Rate, USB 3, 2, 1?

How do I remove the shadows on the icon title fonts?

Enable background color for the digital desktop clock on Windows?

Multiple themed slots to save your desktop clock settings!

Folder comparisons in Quad Explorer Q-Dir for Windows?

Open in new process right-click menu, menu item removed in Ecxplorer Views?

Address bar rules in explorer views, almost like in MS Windows Explorer!

I miss an 'Auto column width' option in the file explorer 4 Windows?

Is there a way to start Q-Dir with a parameter of path for Explorer-Views?

How can i browse FTP folders in Explorer Views, do you support SFTP?

Clone eg transfer the folder from Explorer View-1 to View-2?

What kind of photos and pictures can I use for the 3D desktop display?

The Mouse Pointer settings on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Difference Between PDF and XPS?

What are these symbols with little arrows in the corner?

Difference between ???

Difference between CPU, FPU, GPU?

Difference between hack and break in?

How do I get directly and quickly to the Windows desktop?

What is a USB 3.0 SD card adapter?

Should I turn off the power saving mode OR windows, or TURN on?

Let the desktop icon APP end correctly with a parameter!

How to remove the raindrops from my Windows desktop?

Bug with time zones / summer file time, timestamp?

The Ways, to open the File Explorer in Windows 11 and 10?

Install Windows 11 parallel to Windows 10?

Local sharing in Windows 11 with nearby devices!

Can I uninstall the NET Framework on MS Windows 11?

How do I install / uninstall fonts on Windows 11?

Windows 11 blocks desktop programs from starting!

Help is missing AutoPlay on Windows 11, why?

Back to Windows 10 from Windows 11?

Automatically expand directory structure in Windows 11 Explorer?

Checkbox in Windows 11 File Explorer!

Pause the Windows 11 auto updates for up to 5 weeks or more?

How to deactivate the Windows 11 startup sound?

Would you like to display the title window in the Windows 11 taskbar?

Activate transparency effects under Windows 11, but how?

Will Windows 11 be without a classic desktop?

Is the software compatible with virtual drive?

What is the right version of DesktopOK for me!

Change Windows Desktop Icon Size and View, plus save?

Do you want to restore the icons on Windows start / login?

QuickTextPaste_x64.exe or QuickTextPaste.exe?

How to start QuickTextPaste minimized to tray?

Will this increase my COVID-19 / Coronavirus immunity?

For what is the short desktop note for Windows good?

Add desktop context menu for Windows security settings!

Uninstall Desktop Calendar from the Windows Desktop!

Eject the CD or DVD Drive via the Desktop Context Menu or Keyboard Shortcut, how to?

Where is the fonts folder in Windows-7 (find and open)?

How to see my Computer and Network on Windows 7 desktop?

I´m missing the invert selection function in windows 7 explorer  ?

How to open User Account Control Settings in Windows 7?

I have problems with Aero in Windows 7, how to fix and activate it?

What is the difference between power off/on and restart of the mobile smart phone?

What is character encoding?

What are JAR files?

What are tablet buttons?

What is a popup menu?

What are DPI?

What is word?

What are access rights?

What is a CPM model?

What is a network administrator?

What are print jobs?

What is FTPS, SFTP, FTP?

What are favorites?

What are Unicode fonts?

What are Powershell special characters (control characters)?

What is compiling (compiler)?

What is tracert.exe?

What is a boot disk?

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Access to essential memory and system functions under Windows! 

Fast landscape, portrait or landscape conversion and Preview switch!

Bandizip context menu appears in Windows Explorer, but not in Q-Dir?

Make Q-Dir to be configurable what search tool to start!

Filename To Time now also supports Unix time stamps!

Activate and deactivate the mouse wheel auto scroll function!

Grouping of keyboard shortcuts Commands for fast insertion of texts!

Use computer name and user name in Quick Text Paste!

Read almost all the texts, e.g. from Edit-, List-, Tree-View, Groupbox, ...!

Directory and Folder Printing under Windows 11/ 10 / 8.1 / 7!

When the computer or monitor does not go into sleep mode!

Mouse Hearts for the Windows-10 Desktop!

Forget the Font Name!

Play Sound when use copy and paste action from the clipboard!

Over 1000 snowflakes on the Windows 11, 10, ... desktop with low CPU load!

The digital Windows 11, 10, ... desktop clock without lock screen!

The best alternative File Explorer for new Windows 11 and old Windows 10!

Calculate The HDD / SSD / SHDD / SC / USB Speed!

Easy export the Network Ping Results to HTM to compare Result at a later time!

Prevent Turn Off for all Windows OS desktop and servers and Timer!

Query the desktop color pixel value on all Windows 11, 10, ... etc.  OS!

MatriX.CoronaKO is the sequel to CoronaKO, the virus hunt continues!

The category desktop decoration and fun on Software OK!

Save electricity, save hardware, save money, save nature on all Windows!

Send PDF directly via e-mail over the program menu, very easy!

The font name is forgotten only the font form is in my head!

Benchmark with anti-aliasing MSAA on Windows at 3D!

Q-Dir the Quad-Explorer in Windows Admin-Mode as administrator!

Manage your own files in all four Explorer views!

Total length of the media in an Explorer column under Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Grouping and possibilities in Quad-Explorer Q-Dir!

Customize or change the download folder in Edge Chromium?

Save the icon layout with date and time format via the command line!

Make all sticky notes visible again at once!

See total folder duration mp3 file and video in explorer on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Remove Spotify from Windows-11/10 Autostart (enable, disable, uninstall)!

Switch to the classic Windows Defender under Windows 10!

Mobile hotspot under Windows 11/10 for shared internet use!

Calibrate joystick / game controller under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Download free text editing program!

How to Fix Bad Desktop Icons in Windows 10/11?

Change PC name Windows 10/11!

Maximize Window Minimize keyboard shortcuts and so on Windows 11, 10, ..!

Enable standard desktop icons under Windows 11 or 10!

Recognize the CPU load through individual programs and APPs!

How to print as PDF in Windows 11, 10!

Printer Management, Printer Server, Driver, Printers Connections under Windows 11 and 10!

All Printer Folder on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Windows 10 / 11 Desktop not showing, why, what can i do?

Windows 10 / 11 cmd shell:programfilesx86 and shell:programfiles!

At incorrect time Change the time zone in Windows 10/11!

Can I uninstall Microsoft Edge?

Brightness adjustment Windows 10/11, without screen control?

The appdata folder on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Locate Direct X in Windows 10!

Convert the FAT32 to NTFS without losing data under Windows 10 / 11?

The easy Mounting of the VHD under MS Windows 11, 10, ...!

Here's how to reinstall Windows 10 without bloatware!

Does Windows 10 / 11 get Windows updates if it's not activated?

Change Windows 10 update settings, quick fix!

OneDrive does not appear in Explorer Windows 11, 10, 8.1!

Program with which you can transform JPG into PDF!

Crosshairs with arrows on Desktop as Pointer Stick!

Color and font in the Explorer views on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ....!

Send the image directly to MS-Paint and view it!

Keyboard Shortcut to Run as administrator in RUN-Command Dialog?

What are the benefits of safely removing the drive alternative?

How do I optimize VHD and VHDX files with PowerShell?

How do I remove the reboot deletion program from my windows 11, 10?

Keyboard shortcut for new folders in MS File Explorer?

Difference shut down and restart on Windows OS?

How does automatic head cleaning work?

Where can I find good processor charts in order to be able to compare the CPU's better?

How can I display the Windows version number on the desktop?

Open file by simple left click or execute if don't wan a double-click!

How to block winrar to open zip and cab files?

Clear clipboard via command prompt!

Change directory or drive in command prompt!

Share more fonts for Windows 11, 10, ... command prompt!

Query the Mac address via the command line (CMD)!

Read / display the Windows license key via command line no hack!

Can you query x64 or x32 via cmd command?

Disable and enable SmartScreen via CMD BATCH command?

Console and PowerShell show the Date or change the Time!

What is security in the IT world?

Can I install the old MS Office on Windows 11, is this  better?

More space for messages in Outlook, classic view in the list!

Should I buy an MS Office subscription or a full version?

How do I get letters with accented characters / accents in Microsoft Word?

Can I use the 3D desktop clock on Windows 11?

Can i change the size of the desktop clock (windows, resize)?

How can I open all subfolders in Windows XP Explorer?

How do I print a list of files in a directory?

Reset search indexing on Windows 10, 11, ...?

Why is the directory printout tool faster when searching for files than MS Explorer?

How can I print only the directory tree / folder structure?

Can I also compare Camera Raw files, like in Photoshop?

Does the energy efficiency improvement tool work on MS Windows 11?

Windows 10/11 family account and other user - difference?

Install fonts via Microsoft Store Windows 10 / 11!

Problem with drivers for the scanner under Windows 10 / 11 (install)?

How to see auto startup programs in Windows 10/11 (Apps)?

How to hide the mouse pointer in Windows 10/11 while typing!

Open the location of a Program / APP in Windows-10/11  (path, folder)?

Disable animations in the Windows 10 / 11 Taskbar and Settings, How-To?

How to change in Windows 10/11 the Screensaver, enable or disable?

Is there in Windows 10 or 11 a Memory Diagnostics Tool for RAM (memory)? 

I´m missing the Navigation Area with the Folder Tree in Windows 10 Explorer?

Run Windows 10/11 command prompt (cmd.exe) in administrator mode!

Change Home Folder MS-Explorer on Windows 10/11 (to My Computer, This PC)!

Desktop shortcut for the calculator on the Windows 10/11 desktop!

Why should I use this screen magnifier on Windows?

Does Don't Sleep work on MS Windows 11!

How do I get rid of Don't Sleep (Windows, 11, 10, 8.1, ...)?

The settings are apparently stored in the registry, right?

What is transatlantic connection?

DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5 - Data transfer speed!

Make Windows EXE TO APP?

Slow data transfer in the home network on a notebook, laptop or PC?

Nintendo DSi, DS Lite, Switsch, what should I buy?

What does total memory mean information like physical memory, ...?

Translate or change the Language, how to?

Hard disk space evaluation Export to Excel, CSV, HTML, ...!

How do I remove the Office Picture Listing Tool - Uninstall!  

Windows 8.1 and 10 registry autostart entries for auto run, (find, all user) ?

Magnifier for Microsoft Windows 8.1 (open, find)!

Windows 8.1 and 10: Show installed updates or uninstall?

Windows 8.1, 11, 10: Where are the default images for users (picture, directory)!

Enable or Disable Data Execution Prevention in Windows 8.1, 8 and 10 (turn-off/-on)!

Install Windows eight and 8.1 without Windows Live ID and Microsoft account!

Is the mouse pointer in Windows 8.1 and 10 smaller than the XP and 7 cursor?

How can I quickly open, find, the Program Files folder in Windows 8.1 / 10?

Create a screenshot in Windows 8.1 / 10 and auto-save as a file!

How to show Control Panel, My Computer, Network on Windows 8, 8.1 Desktop and Win 10?

How to enable or disable Windows 10/8.1 password query when resuming from sleep mode?

System requirements for Windows 8.1 and 10?

What is the maximum size of my YouTube video (file, length)?

You courient security settings not allow you to download files from this location!

How can i change the Contact Info on FaceBook.com?

View and use the fonts without installing the windows font file?

USB Debugging Developer Mode Enable Samsung Galaxy (Android)?

Re-run Assessment, problem Experience Index command line?

Hide the title bar and menu, move the window by dragging the background!

Which pointer should I use as an extended mouse pointer?

Difference in percentage picture reduction and size adapt to picture width?

Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition Free Download!

Can I let it snow on the Windows 11 desktop and continue to use it?

The difference between software for free and freeware?

Decorate your own pictures with this software with the help of imagination!

Windows 11, 10, ... hangs when connecting the external hard drive?

USB data rate for USB 3.2, 3.1, 3, 2, 1?

How to troubleshoot Device Pairing Wizard issues on Windows?

How do I change the PayPal password?

Show desktop clock with only date or only time?

Is the desktop clock not a system resources waster for Windows?

MS Shell folder menus and right-click function in Q-Dir!

Folder total size in the File-Explorer Status-Bar?

Keep a specific layout pane setting, size and view 4 next start!

IE11.0 was now automatically updated to the latest ver., but on the surface is nothing to see?

How to navigate up a folder?

How can i change the preview filter settings for Q-Explorer List Views?

Error message: You might not have enough rights!

How do I remove 3D desktop images from my Microsoft Windows OS?

Virtual machine platform on Windows 11, 10, ... what is it?

What is more dangerous, ransomware or trojan!

What is a corrupt driver software under MS Windows OS?

No password query under Windows despite screen saver, why?

Difference between input and output device?

What does the smart screen do under Windows, what for, why?

Speed ​​dial key and key combination difference?

No constant frequency with my CPU! Why?

What does data verify (verification)?

How can the automatic hiding of desktop icons remove from Windows 10, 8.1, ...?

Can my MS-Surface with Windows 10 be damaged by the rain!

In PowerPoint still the original creation time appears!

Scan for hardware changes Windows 11?

Go to boot menu in windows 11?

How to rotate desktop on windows 11?

Desktop background changed daily in Windows 11, how to?

Help, the screen brightness dimmer is missing in Windows 11?

Can I install Windows 11 on Virtual Box?

Can I initiate a full scan on Windows 11 for malware?

Windows 11 automatically troubleshoot computer problems, How to?

Why can't I align / docking the Windows 11 taskbar: left, right?

Resetting network adapters in Windows 11 using the network reset function!

How do I check if Windows 11 virus protection is active?

The system taskbar symbols disappear under Windows 11?

Open Internet Options in Windows 11, how to?

Use Windows 11 device manager to update the drivers?

Where and when can you download Windows-11?

Why are there different values ​​for the M.2 SSD?

The Calculator OK shows me period and not comma, why?

How can I maximize the number of windows desktop icon (border, font size)?

Is there a command line option to start the program minimized?

Use right, left, middle mouse button as Hot-Key Feature!

Maximize QuickTextPaste to see more information, how to?

What is the V-Sync button for in this 3D game?

I closed the desktop notes by mistake, what can I do?

Open, edit, backup and restore registry!  

I do not want to keep the calendar running in the background!

Where can I see if Service Pack 1 is installed on my Windows 7?

How to Switch users in Windows 7 without logging off ?

How to uninstall Programs and Features in Windows 7?

Disable auto expand folder in Windows 7 Explorer?

How to enable Screen-Saver Password on Windows 7?

Open the Disk-Management in Windows 7?

TouchWiz Start high battery usage on my android smart phone, why?

What exactly is a virtual system?

What is a system image backup?

What is a writing program?

What is a Vogel Fau (V)?

What does LED stand for?

What is a PNG file?

What is a font?

What is Pay Per Sale?

What is a federal trojan?

What is multitexture, multitexturing (texture mapping)?

What is AC DC?

What is a peripheral device?

What is a special character?

What is a taskbar?

Difference bit rate and sample rate (sampling rate)?

What is an SSD hard drive and SSHD?

What is a function?

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